Pärnu Open 2019 registration form

1.squad THU 6th June 12:00 2.squad THU 6th June 15:00 3.squad THU 6th June 18:00 4.squad FRI 7th June 12:00 5.squad FRI 7th June 15:00 6.squad FRI 7th June 18:00 7.squad SAT 8th June 11:00 8.squad SAT 8th June 14:00 9.squad SAT 8th June 17:00 10.squad SUN 9th June 11:00 11.squad SUN 9th June 14:00 U-16 1.squad SUN 9th June 11:00 U-16 2.squad SUN 9th June 14:00 12.squad, WED, 12th June 12:00 13.squad, WED, 12th June 15:00 14.squad, WED, 12th June 18:00 15.squad, THU, 13th June 12:00 16.squad, THU, 13th June 15:00 17.squad, THU, 13th June 18:00 U-16 3.squad THU 13th June 20:30 18.squad, FRI, 14th June 10:00 19.squad, FRI, 14th June 13:00 20.squad, FRI, 14th June 16:00 21.squad, FRI, 14th June 19:00 22.squad, SAT, 15th June 10:00 23.squad, SAT, 15th June 13:00 24.squad, SAT, 15th June 16:00 25.squad, SAT, 15th June 19:00

This form is only to be used the first time you are registering squads.
If you want to change your existing registration, then please write to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call mob +37256464208 (Raivo).