Pärnu Open has been organised from 1999. First 2 years it was held in Pärnu-s oldest bowling club in city center (not working anymore). These years it was called Pärnu Open championships. After opening of Perona bowling alley it is called Pärnu Open and held mainly in Perona Bowling (exception is 2011 when it was hold in 2 different bowling halls (Terviseparadiis and Perona Bowling). On 2012 it was called Perona Open (this was the only year when hcp was added), on 2013 it was skipped. From 2014 it is called Pärnu Open again and organised in more traditional format.

Most popular was year 2008 with 231 sportsmen and 614 re-entries. Nowadays the tournament is gaining popularity again and number of participants is rising year by year. In 2018 170 players were participating. During last 3 years B and C categories are added. From 2018 additional seniors division with separate finals are held. From 2019 U-16 tournament with separate finals and awards will be rolled off